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TicketRev is the first buyer-driven marketplace for event tickets. We put the power back into the hands of you – the fan. Request Tickets on TicketRev in three easy steps.

Select your events

Let us know which event you’d like to attend. If your favorite artist has multiple shows or if your favorite team is playing back to back, add them all to your request. The more you choose, the better the chance of scoring tickets.


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In order to increase your chance of finding matching tickets, all requests on TicketRev are separated by zone seating. Let us know your seating preference – sideline, baseline, corner or all three? Don’t worry, we won’t judge.


Name your price

What’s your budget per ticket? Tell us how much you’d like to spend and we’ll send your request to all sellers with matching tickets. Once we find a match, you’ll be charged and your tickets will be delivered. Remember, the higher your offer, the better your chance of getting tickets.